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My Dear Friends,

You must practice lifting up the son of man into the Son of God. You must have the actual experience of living in It and It living in you. You must have the experience of the Father speaking to the I that you are. You must have the experience of resting back knowing that I am the way and allowing Me to live you. You must have the experience of taking your entire attention off of any belief, any universal belief in a human existence and trust the I of you to outpicture Itself.

If you will let go of a material sense of existence, if you will let go of a personal sense of mind, if you will stand still until you are lifted up into that quiet place where you receive the Spirit of God, or the conscious awareness of the living I AM within you, then you will become the Son of God.

Now you are no longer born of the flesh, you are no longer born of the mind; now you are born of God and now the WORD has become your flesh, the I has outpictured Itself, the Spirit has become your experience; and standing still, you behold His glory, that is the secret place of the most High, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father becomes your Grace and Truth in expression.

This becomes your living experience and anything that steps into this Consciousness, which is not of God,
cannot exist; it will run, it will flee from you, it will not come nigh your dwelling place nor any who dwell there with you. 

Dwell in this I, abide in this I, and let this I abide in you. This is your work and this is your blessing; dwell in this I, rest in this I, be open to receive of your Father, His blessings. Everything you see, hear, taste, touch and smell, will be transformed by this inner renewing and shall be lifted up and lifted up and lifted up until that which I am, the I of you, outpictures as the harmonious perfect creation of your Father, given freely to the Son.

Know ye not, ye are the temple of the living God? The I of you is the temple and the living God lives in that temple and here in the I of you, I and the Father commune and are one. And the I of you and the I behind all living form, and the I behind every living one, that I that I am is the I of all and the I of all and the I that I am and the Father are one I.

"And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up."

Blessings and Love..

                                 I in the midst of you am the way.


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