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Now the correct question is, how can I step out of the mind that is itself the false identity seeing all these other false identities? Because if I can step out of that mind, then the mind which was also in Christ Jesus will reveal Itself. It will reveal true identity. That mind which was also in Christ Jesus, through spiritual discernment, will reveal my true identity, your true identity, the One true identity in our very midst.


We are getting close, very close to the discovery of our real identity; actually to the discovery of our real mind. Therefore, we sit down; we recognize the nature of error as this impersonal series of universal beliefs creating a false self and we dismiss it. We do not try to meet a problem on the level of the problem. We dismiss it as the nothingness like the appearance of water on the road.


Now we turn within and simply close our eyes and we get quiet, we become still and listen.

Your Self released from the false concept of flesh and blood, from the image that you maintain in mind, from the mortal sense of self, is revealed to be the Incorporeal Spirit of God. No matter where you look, no matter who you see, that individual is not there, that object is not there, that person is not there. Why? Because the Master revealed that ONLY GOD IS THERE. And if you remember, you are really not being, God is being you. If God is being you, who do they bury, who gets sick, who has a head cold, who has a pain, – God? Or is there a concept there that isn’t you? God is being your incorporeal Self.

Let’s look it up in the dictionary.

Incorporeal. I looked it up, and it says:
…Not consisting of matter, not discerned by bodily senses, and not possessing bodily senses.

Incorporeal; not consisting of matter, and we’re talking about our Self, our Divine Self.

And we don’t have a second self; we are a Divine Self and our Divine Self is Incorporeal, not consisting of matter, not discerned by the physical senses, and not possessing bodily senses. I-Christ.

I am still,  I am listening.  Father You reveal the Presence of I in the midst of me.


                                                       It is I, be not afraid.”

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