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Herb Fitch Books – A Two Volume Set: The Revelation of St. John the Divine

saint-john-1 Herb Fitch’s in depth classes on – The Revelation of St. John the Divine which he gave in 1970 are now available in book form. All twenty-five tapes, some two-hundred and fifteen-thousand words have been transcribed into a beautiful two volume set which you can take to the beach, or up in the mountains, or to your favorite meditation chair to study at your convenience for a deeper spiritual understanding. Together with the audio files which are freely available on this website, they will make a wonderful addition to any library.

These volumes can be purchased at Barnes & Noble, Authorhouse, Amazon, Kindle, Nook Books.

These Herb Fitch Series of Talks are now available
as Kindle and Nook Books:


1) Herb Fitch 1969 Infinite Way Book Study
2) Herb Fitch 1970 Revelation of St. John The Divine Vol 1
3) Herb Fitch 1970 Revelation of St. John The Divine Vol 2
4) Herb Fitch 1972 The Special Seven Series
5) Herb Fitch 1973-74 La Jolla Series
6) Herb Fitch 1974 The Boulder Creek Seminar
7) Herb Fitch 1976 Mount Hood Seminar
8) Herb Fitch 1977 Maui Sense to Soul Seminar
9) Herb Fitch 1979 Avila Beach Beyond Time Series
10) Herb Fitch 1980-81 Self Surrender Series
11) Herb Fitch 1989 Chicago Preparation Series
12) Herb Fitch 1990 Chicago Healing Seminar
13) Herb Fitch 1993 San Diego Seminar
14) Herb Fitch 1983 Orlando Divine Life Seminar

Also, Bill’s books have been reformatted for: Kindle and Nook Books:

1) Steps to Mystical Experience
2) Secrets of the Spiritual Kingdom